System Administration

OCI offers both local and remote server administration services at competitive rates.

Whether you are a small company with a limited budget lacking a full time administrator, or a large multi-national organization requiring additional help, temporarily or long-term, OCI is there for you.

We assist on-site, or remotely, according to your specific needs. We work under long term contracts, or just temporarily whenever you require. Basically, we are happy to help on any size job, from just a couple of hours to multi-year contract.

OCI provides highly qualified on-site or remote systems engineers and systems administrators.

Contact us for details via email info@danosoft.com or by phone +1 850.296.7520.

Remote Administration

In current technology environment, there is little need for a local full-time system administrator. Using modern equipment, many companies now enjoy the benefit and cost-savings of remote administration. OCI does just that for you. We assist you remotely with most tasks normally performed locally by an administrator, and we do it at very competitive hourly rates, billed for the actual time in minutes needed to complete the task(s), no minimum!

Through a secure connection, we remotely provide the following administration services:

  • Server Administration
    • Create, modify or delete user accounts
    • Create modify or delete groups
    • Schedule and monitor backups
    • Install or remove software
    • Debug and Optimize Applications and Services
    • Patch system with updates
    • Start and stop services
    • Schedule events
    • Restart hanged application or services
    • Restart server
  • Server Monitoring
    • Monitor system activity and load
    • Monitor service performance and usage
    • Monitor logs for problems and unusual activity
  • Workstation Administration
    • Install and Remove Application Software
    • Patch and Upgrade Software
    • Create, modify, or delete user accounts
    • Run Diagnostics
  • And much more ...